Heart of God Church Event

HOGC’s Laser Tag Event

Tagtical recently went to one of a youth church, Heart of God Church (HOGC) for their annual laser tag event called “Laser Tag”! It was a blast as we saw a lot of young people planning the events for their friends.  Our team got our laser tag guns ready and off we went!

The youths of HOGC was amazing when the team arrived at the arena, we were in awe in what they came up with! They came up with a Hong Kong and Japanese Theme concept for laser tag and it looked something like this:

laser tag event

laser tag event








The set up was truly amazing and kudos to them! We started our laser tag guns and we began the “Laser Tag” event! There were so many possibilities in a slightly darker arena as well! Lasers of the guns are being shot around and people started to get tagged out of the game!

Games Played

laser tag event

Depending on what you and your company wants, we cater to you! For HOGC’s games, they had a “boss” where the boss has 6 lives and the others only have 3 lives. However, if the boss is tagged out of the game 6 times, the whole team loses. We set the lives required before we arrive at the event venue so that it won’t take too long to set up. It will definitely be nice to have a discussion with us on whether you need a dedicated setup for your laser tag events.


During the games, the emcee really loved our guns. He shared the features of the guns such as the guns truly simulate a real gun such the SAR21 that is used in the army. The different game modes, the lovely scope or aiming sight that allows real-life simulation of shooting at their opponents!

Other Services

At Tagtical, we don’t provide just laser tag though! We have interesting games such as bubble soccer and archery tag that everyone should try out as well! If you are interested in holding your own laser tag event or other events, please feel free to contact us today!


Thomas Cher

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