Birthday Party For Shavak!

Laser Tag Birthday Party

Every child has a dream birthday party. Ever since young, we want to feel special on our special day and that’s our birthday! Here at Tagtical, we know the importance and that each child want to feel special on their most special day! We thus then provide a very interesting service which is Laser Tag Birthday Party for your child!

What kind of Parties Do We Have?

We provide interesting events ranging from Archery Tag, Laser Tag and we are willing to hear your request to provide you the best event that your child wants! Most of these activities are for guys? It’s okay! We can cater for girls as well as mixed, just tell us your needs and we will do our best to fulfill them!

Parties Video

Birthday party to your door step!

We bring the party to you! Contact us to plan for your birthday party! (:

Posted by Tagtical Pte Ltd on Thursday, 19 April 2018

Example of a birthday party for Shavak!

What else do Tagtical Provide?

We provide more services as well:

  • Partnership
    • This is where aspiring entrepreneur get an opportunity to work with us at Tagtical to fulfill their dream of starting their own business eventually
    • After starting your own event with us, you will be profiting! This is such a great opportunity! Please feel free contact us here
  • Events
    • Corporate Events? Team Bonding Events? Tagtical will cater for you!
    • Halloween Event? Tagtical will plan it out for you!
  • Charity
    • Here at Tagtical, we want to give back to the unfortunate as well by hosting events that the children can enjoy. We would love to have you to be part of these events as well!



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