Corporate Event – Teambuilding

Corporate Event – Teambuilding

We do corporate events as well as organize teambuilding events for big corporations! We had a team bonding event for SKH! They had a whole team come together for a day of gathering with each other and learning each other positive as well as negative traits so that they can work even better at the workplace! It is always good to have a session to bond your own team closer together. They actually came on a Sat afternoon to have a team building session. Teambuilding should not only be fun but engaging as well. Do you have staff that is not engaged during work and staff that do things for the sake of doing? Perhaps it is time to take a break from work and have a day of teambuilding to reconnect the staff to the leader and the company.

Why Us?

Corporate Events can no need to be boring! How many of us get turned off when our boss says that he would send us to training or a boring event where people just sit around and use their phone? Here at Tagtical, we aim to provide activities that everyone could enjoy and have fun as well as to learn from. Thus, the best thing to do is to get our body to move and play some interesting activities such as:

  1. Laser Tag – Tagging people out with Laser Beam from taggers
  2. Archery Tag – Tagging People out with bow and arrow!
  3. Bubble Soccer – Bump into each other and enjoy the fun and laughter!
  4. Inflatable Snooker – Giant pool game using your leg as a cue stick!

Let’s have fun!


Very professional and fun time with Thomas and crew. Clear instructions and well prepared for wet weather conditions. The equipment also well maintained. Thank you for the great experience, my dept very much enjoyed ◡̈

Alliance Group team building 2018

Team building for Alliance Group!Do you know we plan team building for you? From the start to the end, we got you covered! Contact us to find out more!

Posted by Tagtical Pte Ltd on Friday, April 20, 2018

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