Holding A Birthday Party? Read this Guide First!

Your child’s big day is coming, they look at you with those bright eyes holding an expectation of an awesome birthday party with all their friends and family. Not wanting to fail your dear child, you promise him that he will definitely have a blast on his big day, only to be held back by meetings after meetings. Time goes by with you unable to plan anything which his big day then arrived with him looking disappointed that you failed to adhere to your promise.

Everyone in this world faces this problem: Disappointing their child due to their careers. After all, your child is important but you have to put your career first. It may also not be your career holding you back, these are some of the problems as well:

  • Oversea Business Trip
  • No idea
  • Social Gatherings

What can I do for an Awesome Birthday Party?

This may be the question you ask yourself after reading the problem many of us face when holding our child’s birthday party. Here’s are some of the things that are required in Birthday Parties:

  1. Food (With Good Food Comes Good Company and Fun)
  2. Fun Activities (Keeping your child & co entertained while you create the BIGGEST Surprise)
  3. His/Her Friends (Friends always help you in times of need)
  4. Presents (Birthday Party Means PRESENTS! Ooohh I Love Presents! :P)

With these 4 “ingredients”, we are ready to hold an amazing birthday party! YAYYYYYY!

But Wait! What are some Fun Activities to do?

That’s a great question to ask! For usual parties, these are some common activities:

  • Wacko
  • Chicken And Egg (Rock Paper Scissor and whoever wins become then chicken and so forth! :))
  • Hunter, Hunter! (The hunter is out to hunt the squirrel, RUN AWAY QUICK!)
  • Many Many More…


Here at Tagtical provide your child with more FUN and ACTION-PACKED Activities that they can enjoy:

  • Laser Tag (Conquer the Flag? Counter Strike? With different Gun Modes!)

laser tag birthday party

  • Bubble Soccer (WORLD CUP 2018 with a catch, a BUBBLE THAT YOU HOLD!)


  • Archery Tag (The Next Robin Hood?)

archery tag

Interested In These Action Packed Activites?

We at Tagtical treat every birthday party as important as if it’s our own child’s birthday party. Contact Us Today at hello@tagtical.sg or simply click here.


Thomas Cher


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