Singapore Archery Tag

Singapore Archery Tag

Does anyone love Robin Hood or any amazing characters in the Chinese movies that look so cool when shooting with their bow and arrow? Become the next Robin Hood Today With Us at Tagtical Today With Archery Tag!!

What is Archery Tag?

Archery Tag as the name implies basically is using archery skills with the bow and arrow to “tag” a person out of the game! It is similar to Laser Tag where the players use a laser tagger to “tag” a person out of the game!

archery tag


For archery tag, there are only 2 main equipment that you will be using:

  • Bow
  • Arrow

That’s it! Now we can start playing our matches with our friends!

Game Modes

Here at Tagtical, we have 3 main game modes that we can play:

  • Protect the Flag (Basically, do not let the opponent team get the flag)
  • Shoot around (Team DeathMatch?)
  • Aim and Fire (Fire the items while being fired back by an opponent)

These games modes can be requested at any time when you are interested or our friendly facilitator will facilitate for you!


As usual, before any games we need to ensure that you have signed the declaration form. Thereafter, you will need to wear covered shoes to play the games. If anything happens accidentally, our facilitators are first-aid trained so we can do any preventive measures if anything serious really happened.


The price of archery tag is at $350/hr with 10 set of equipment.  Please contact us if you have a bigger group!

Contact Us Here! 

Let’s play archery tag today! Tagtical also provides other game modes such as Bubble Soccer and Laser Tag! Please check them out if they pique your interest and contact us to discuss on how to work on the event together.

Best Regards,

Thomas Cher!


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